Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

Pediatric Sedation Dentist in Lawrence and Lenexa, KS

Visiting the dentist can be stressful, especially for children. Sedation dentistry uses various techniques to make patients more comfortable during an exam or procedure. If your child requires dental treatment,  sedation dentistry may be an option to help ease your child’s fears when visiting the dentist. 

Pediatric Dentistry for a Lifetime of Oral Health

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What is Sedation Dentistry

Some people have anxieties about visiting the dentist, but some have a much more difficult time doing so than others. Children, people with severe anxiety, individuals with special needs, those with a traumatic experience associated with a dental or other medical procedure, and others may experience an unusually high level of fear that makes even routine procedures difficult. Sedation dentistry offers relief for patients who experience dental anxiety by helping patients relax, minimizing pain and awareness, or eliminating awareness. 

What Are the Benefits of Sedation for Kids

Sedation dentistry can reduce patients’ anxiety surrounding visiting the dentist, making it significantly easier to maintain good oral health throughout their lives. A sedation procedure may make it possible to address problems in a child’s mouth before becoming more serious. Addressing problems when they are small provides the dentist with a way to complete treatment rather than avoiding it.  Children who are more nervous than average can also build a better relationship with their dentist, although many children will eventually outgrow high levels of dental anxiety. As children grow and develop, they can become more familiar with dental procedures and may not always rely on oral sedation for their dental care.

    Who Is a Good Candidate for Children’s Sedation Dentistry? 

    Sedation can be an excellent choice for helping many children have an easier time at the dentist, including those who: 

    • Have acute situational anxiety
    • Have special needs 
    • Experience more significant sensory reactions to the dentist’s office than average.
    • Have you had a bad experience with a dentist in the past that has resulted in lingering memories that resurface with each appointment

    Most children over age three can safely receive some form of sedation. Your child’s age, size, overall health, and known medical problems are important considerations when determining whether they are a good candidate for a particular type of sedation. 

    Although sedation is not necessarily an appropriate choice for every child that is experiencing a normal amount of nerves, and many of these children are capable of working through their fear and boosting their confidence without this intervention, it can be a helpful choice for those that experience an unusually distressing level of anxiety. 

    What Sedation in Children’s Dentistry is Available at Honey Bee Pediatric Dental Co.?

    The specific type of sedation that is the best choice for a patient in a particular situation largely depends on the type of procedure or the patient’s overall comfort level. Many patients find relief with a milder form of sedation for most procedures. In contrast, patients with a very high level of anxiety or having a complex procedure done may benefit from a heavier alternative. Our sedation options include the following: 

    • Nitrous Oxide: A type of gas inhaled through the nose and provides a mild sedation that works well for regular cleanings, fillings, and a wide range of other procedures. 
    • Oral Conscious Sedation: A type of strong anti-anxiety oral medication. 
    • In-Office IV Sedation: A heavy in-office option for complex procedures or patients with extreme anxiety levels.
    • General Anesthesia: A hospital option often reserved for complex medical backgrounds or patients under three. 

    Choose Honey Bee Pediatric Dental Co. for Effective and Safe Sedation Dentistry in Lawrence and Lenexa, KS 

    At Honey Bee Pediatric Dental Co., we strive for every child to have a good experience, but we know that visiting the dentist is not always easy. We are proud to offer sedation dentistry to make things a bit easier, as well as provide a friendly and caring team that relates well to children and is experienced with various tips and tricks for helping them become more comfortable visiting the dentist as they grow. Contact us today to learn more about what makes us a top choice among parents in the Lawrence and Lenexa, KS, area or to schedule your child’s next appointment!